AdventurePlanning_1-2016The new year greeted us with overwhelming waves of what must be done and what we must learn,  now that we are officially only nine months away from “take off.” We needed a proper brain dump.

So in the spirit of organization and the knowledge that prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance (the magic 7 Ps of my computer systems project days), we spent a couple of hours this morning putting our thoughts, ideas, concerns and needs on paper.   Now, we see in lovely hot pink that although there is much to be done, we identified the tasks and agree that it is all doable.  My husband appointed me project manager (he’s the big idea guy who says I’ve got great consulting skills to use here) so it’s my job to follow-up with the spreadsheet.  Once that is done, we’ll apply start and end dates and assignments.

Task categories include, but may not be limited to:

  • Apartment move – Who will do it, where and what will get stored, sold or given away?  We will rebuild our nest after our eventual return to land.  Continual purging from now on is required.
  • Administration – How will we operate without a physical address while living aboard?
  • Boat systems – What is mechanical necessary for keeping us moving, afloat and living comfortably?
  • Trip planning and navigation – Where are we going and when? We need to map out where we might and will be going way point by way point.
  • Equipment – What must we must purchase and prepare to be ready to anchor or go ashore?
  • Sails, canvas and rigging – What do we need to keep us sailing and then shaded while living on the water?
  • Medical – What do we need to manage our health properly now that we are no longer spring chickens and will be gone more than six months (can’t miss those dental checkups)?
  • Live aboard set-up – What comes onto the boat to make living possible without modern conveniences like a dishwasher, clothes washer/dryer, garbage disposal, large closets or garage?
  • Communication and technology – What we need to stay connected, not miss episodes of Homeland or face to face time with family and friends?
  • Safety gear – What do we need, but hope never to use?
  • Trip maintenance – What will we need in spare parts as well as the weekly and monthly maintenance tasks?
  • Education – What will we need to learn to use all those systems and communications, and technology that is on or will be on our boat?