Today is not about sailing.

I can’t enjoy a simple pleasure – a quiet Sunday at home – when our political scene has exploded.  I’ve followed social media, read dozens of news articles and op-ed pieces and listened to the TV alphabet channels of analysts trying to make sense of what is happening.  Up until this weekend I could stomach it, using my normal intellectual and rational approach to understand others’ frustrations with their economic situations and their grievances of being ‘left out’.  I believed they were all ‘on the fringe’, but they are not.  I now see, if Trump succeeds, my life and that of my family – my kids and grand-kids – will be directly affected as we descend into the oblivion of fascism filled with bigotry, hatred and violence.  It doesn’t matter if Trump supports abortion rights and social security, he’s preaching fascism.  The acts of crude, crass and violent extremist supporters in Chicago and Kansas are evidence to the madness he has unleashed.

Trump’s cunning ability ignite hate in so many lemming-like Americans and harness the media to amplify it astounds me; but what is most worrisome is the Republican Party that has thrust the crisis upon us through their years of speaking in coded language, kowtowing to the NRA, and fostering an increasingly purist ideology, allowing our nation to become so economically unbalanced. The Democrats are not without fault, but essential and necessary discussion of the core issues that we face as a nation cannot happen when so many people have descended into bigotry, race baiting and calls to violence.

How can this political chaos be stopped?  How can we cool our nation down?  How can we once again become sane?  Collaboration, compromise and fairness is at the foundation of our nation’s ability to grow, evolve and succeed. How are these core behaviors to be regained?  I certainly do not have the answers.  Does anyone?