Waiting for Dolce Vento’s repairs to be finished so she can be launched is like having a baby–there’s a goodly amount lot of preparation, discomfort and anticipation, waiting for that one moment when you life changes amid the sloshing of fluids and screams of delight. In about a month, Dolce Vento should launch according to the schedule, but if she’s not ready, there is no way to induce her and I am ready for a life-changing event!

With the weather playing games unpredictably mixing gray clouds, wind and rain these past weeks, I am slowly approaching the insanity of waiting, confined within our apartment walls. I’m done with the preparatory sewing, technical reading and project plan review for the nth time.   I’m a caged tiger, snapping at the air, aching for action, pacing the room, trying to leave my husband alone while he does his consulting work.

Calming a tiger is not simple.  Like a tiger, feeding me red meat works in the short term, but in a few hours I’m pacing again.  Recreational shopping normally calms me as I can pace with purpose, but just window shopping depresses me and spending money that needs to be reserved for the boat is out of the question.

I could volunteer for a local charity, but from past experience volunteers need to be patient, available for a steady commitment, and willing to follow instructions to do simple tasks, not something a tiger in my condition can handle.  So, at the recommendation of a friend, a recently certified yoga instructor and major athlete, I’ve signed up for our local community (Crystal City) 5k April Friday night races.  This is a ‘I’ve never done it before’ situation, but it’s doable since I run over 10 miles a week already as part of my thrice weekly exercise regimen and it’s not competitive (a 69 year old short female is not a competitive race candidate).  In the meantime, I’m doing my writing and online course work as well as  daily balancing exercises, hoping to avoid another major Ms. Mayhem event.