July 4 2016You know who your friends are when they take you into their home to enjoy a couple of nights snuggled amongst the trees up from the creek that flows into Round Bay and Severn River.  We ate well, talked until the wee hours, attended an old-fashioned community parade complete with political candidates and incumbents scooping poop behind horses and princesses sitting straight-backed on convertibles to steady their rhinestone tiaras while waving, smiling and throwing candy at the kids sitting on curbs Jerriann 2016screaming and waving back.  We capped off our visit with a Don&John 2016Baltimore aquarium ticket-only picnic and time to walk the  aquarium before we viewed the most fantastic fireworks smack dab on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  We couldn’t have been closer, sitting only 10 feet from the water’s edge with a clear view of all that boomed, banged and busted open into millions of sparkling fire lights.

On Tuesday morning, back at dock, we finished the de-winterization.  We now have not only electrical power, but also generator power, a well-functioning diesel engine, sanitized tanks filled 150 gallons of drinkable water, humming refrigerator and freezer, consistently blowing air conditioning, and two flushing heads.   Just a few tasks to finish up.  Sails go on tomorrow, Thursday, and we do sea trials with our contractor and his team on Friday afternoon.  All is well in the world.  Before the end of next week, we’ll have art hung as well as clothes and gear stowed away.  I’ve even labelled each storage area listing what we have in them.  OMG, I just love sorting, stowing and organizing.