gray-dayAutumn gave way to winter as we approached Halloween.  On rainy days leaves morph to brown directly from green without transitioning through explosive reds and oranges, that left me listless and restless at the same time as I fight the increasing cold.  The days transformed my perky positiveness into a gloomy grumble.  I found little comfort making these days cozy times for curling up on a couch.   Watching countless news reports, old movies and reruns of NCIS did not help.  Reading my favorite sailing magazines or New Yorker articles left me blurry eyed with drooping eyelids.  I sat. I waited for the sun to shine once again.

We were to be well on our way down the ICW by this time, headed for warm, sunny southern weather.  Instead, we were here in the DC area, grounded, waiting for John’s hip surgery.  He’s finished his pre-op workup.  Tomorrow I will feel better — if the sun shines.