It was Thanksgiving with family in Harper’s Ferry, then a Friendsgiving party locally last night.  I thought some shopping , a movie and dinner out with my husband would add a good end to the holiday weekend.  He was well on the mend, traded his walker for a cane, was climbing stairs, walking several blocks, and his moaning was down significantly.   What was I thinking?  Such a silly girl, I was.

The past two weeks caught up with me.  Did laundry this morning, ate lunch, reheated turkey and stuffing, then hit the wall. Totally exhausted.  Couldn’t wash the dishes, couldn’t read; couldn’t write; couldn’t drag my body into the shower, couldn’t get dressed or put on a face.  With  good intentions to read a book, I wrapped myself in a blanket, sank back into my corner of the couch, and dove into a deep sleep in about five seconds.  Woke myself up snoring, head thrust back, closed my mouth, readjusted my head on the pillow and went back into my self-induced coma. I was not a pretty picture.

Woke up at 4:30 PM.  Dark outside.  Winter is in.  Only 209 days until we will be fully aboard, living on Dolce Vento once  again.  But, who’s counting?