rainydayPolitical shenanigans when you live within sight of the nation’s capital like we do are inescapable.  This week was full of implosions, explosions and an unending flood of chaotic news when the FBI Director was fired and the continued Russian intrusion into our political processes.  This is all out of my control and a weekend sail would easily float me back to a positive mental state, but with the cold, wet depressive gray skies and constant rain soaking our metro area, there is nothing to abate my struggle to keep my mind from drowning.  Simply put, I’m in a funk.

My funk is not a depression, but rather an increasing anxiety, blocking the energy and enthusiasm of our pending move aboard Dolce Vento before the end of June.  Instead of a joyful, “It’s almost time and I’m excited” coming out of  my mouth, the words, “Are we ever able going to make this happen?” come out instead.  We’re treading water, waiting. It’s too early to pack up because we need our stuff to live in the apartment; John is recovering well from his final surgery, but is still not completely up to “big bad deckhand” mode, and our financial plan for sailing won’t come to fruition until the sale of our rental property in the first week in June.

Now, I know this is not the end of the world and don’t claim it to be, but a grounded sailor is not a happy sailor so I’m fighting the funk.  Today, I hunkered down, read a book, and sat around in my jammies and sweatshirt, something I never, ever do. But even better, what I need is some incremental progress, knowing that each day we move a bit closer to our goal.   So, I’m researching to find a lens (aka window) replacement for one of our small hatches that has serious crazing, ordering smaller line for the main sheet traveler and a hook to fashion a snubber for our anchor chain, and saving money by buying a gently used grill to replace the one I smashed getting out of the slip one a very windy day a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve reviewed how to read and adjust our battery monitor, am back to studying sailing rules, deck safety and navigation, and tackling instructions for using GPS tracking and radar.  Small bits of progress do make me feel better.