IMG_2015Putting aside the dinner we’re having tonight at the Conch Inn Marina’s Blue Hole restaurant (it’s Italian night and John is in desperate need an Italian food fix), I had to have one last meal of conch before we leave the Bahamas tomorrow. It’s rarely available in the same way back in the States.

Somehow, Bahamian cooks know how to slice, dice and beat (crack) the conch senseless rendering it tasty tender. Although a healthy choice is raw conch salad, similar to a coleslaw, the way it is served most often and the way I love to eat it is what they call “cracked conch”, a lightly floured and dazzlingly deep fried appetizer or main course. The delivered morsels are light, not greasy, and when sprinkled with a squeeze or two of fresh lime and a bit of salt, this dish can’t be matched anywhere outside of this island paradise. Match it with a local cold beer or glass of chilled Pino Grigio (or two), it’s just luscious. Add a Caesar salad or batch a crispy fries that beat anything McDonald’s ever could deliver and you have a feast that will fill your tummy for the rest of the day.

Now, for sure, if you eat this meal too often and you abandon your cautious, low carb, low fat eating habits from back in the States, you may experience a rather severe reaction from your digestive system, as happened to John several times. However, I happily still have a digestive system of steel so I ate away over the past month here in this land of many blue waters. All I needed was Tums for the Tummy every now and then.  However, the consequence of my digestive system success is the five extra pounds around my middle from the cracked conch. Combined with my lack of exercise and almost dead metabolism, I’m looking seriously round and lumpy, instead of lanky sailor skinny.

Oh, well. Tomorrow is a new day and this was the last time I will get to sup on this delicacy. Damn!