While John and I searched for a car and housing back on land this week, Captain John and Cindy continued their delivery of Dolce Vento, motor sailing from Charleston to Morehead City, NC without incident in a 32 hour passage.  With winds from the north, rounding Hatteras was not a particularly smooth or safe passage, so Dolce Vento headed north up the ICW toward Norfolk, VA.  Without the wind instruments at the top of the mast, Dolce Vento stands less than 64.6′.  Surely, she’d move under those 65′ fixed bridges without problems.  We did it on the way down, so why not on the way up.

But like everything else on this trip home, nothing is easy.  Dolce Vento’s passage under the first bridge was impossible.  Even at low tide clearance was only 64′.  Thank goodness I was not on the boat anymore!

The crew had two options — wait multiple days for the water to recede or back track to Moorehead City, then sail around Hatteras.  Captain John chose the second option.  Luckily, by the time they reach Hatteras, the winds should be coming from the east and not the north, making the trip safer.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this is the last of the challenges.