Dorine Andrews: Raghauler Journal

July 2016 – July 2018

Lessons Year 1: Personal health

john-at-hosipitalMuch of our planning and preparation was spot on, but after nine months, we are not where we expected to be.  It was very disappointing not to leave the Chesapeake Bay in October.  In the spring, once we’re back in the water; we’ll hit the reset button and begin again. No matter what you read or hear from others, until you experience it, you really don’t believe it can happen to you…we have become believers!

Lesson Learned: Watch your health…challenges creep up when you least expect it. There’s a new normal in our 60’s.  Despite the fact that I run and lift weights three times a week, my stamina is not what it used to be.  For example, instead of being able to scrub the deck and polish to metal all in one day, it took three days.  No matter what I planned to do, my body, that said, “Ooh, slow down you fool!”  You can still do everything you used to do, but it takes more time, more energy.  Be patient. Don’t push your body where it doesn’t want to go.

Lesson learned:  Take action if your health stops you dead in the water.Unexpectedly, just three weeks before we were to leave the dock to head south, John’s hip screamed for replacement.  All plans had to be cancelled immediately.  We scrambled to schedule the surgery, find housing for the winter, and lay up the boat to avoid an advancing hurricane as well as prepare for winter. We were shocked and devastated to the point of tears.

Only by quickly changing plans and taking action to wrestle back control over our lives were we able to keep deep frustrating depression at bay.  Once we pivoted, we felt better and were able to look optimistically at the future, to the spring and starting again.

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